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Hutch-Renovation was founded in 2008, and surprisingly the company has its roots with Harrods, the luxury department store!  Stuart Smith-Hutchon the owner, worked for Harrods for ten years as one of their high class joiners.  Harrods' world renowned high standards and its discerning clientele demanded very exacting work; attention to every detail was imperative.  It is this eye for detail that Stuart used as his guiding principle when creating Hutch-Renovation to carry out high quality renovations.

Stuart's passion pervades every aspect of his renovation projects beginning with client liaison and careful planning; through to the last brush full of paint!  Hutch-Renovation is currently working on its third Château renovation, which has become something of a specialty, although projects of any size are always considered. Stuart recognizes the need to work closely with architects  (both French and English) and never underestimates the need for good planning flowing from good design.

Hutch-Renovation offers a complete 'turn key' experience where all aspects of the design and renovation are covered including building structure, partitioning, bespoke stone work, traditional rendering in lime, stone and ceramic tiling, and of course decorating. For Stuart, quality is never left to chance.  It is always the result of meticulous attention to detail, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.  Using Hutch-Renovation for your project represents the wise choice  in a field of many alternatives.  Email me and see how we could help with your renovation project​